Tap into the Trillion Dollar Forex Market - you don’t need to know how to trade- the experts do it for you

We’ve created a passive revenue stream that is recession proof and built online.

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It runs on autopilot – you do nothing
You get paid on day 4 – you do nothing
You get not just one, but two revenue streams …and yes, you’ve guessed - you do nothing
Trading returns have consistently ranged from between 5-6% a week
Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

About Sush

Sudden health issues meant leaving a 20+ year career in corporate pensions.

After many years of not being able to work I stumbled upon the Network Marketing Industry. A legitimate business model, just a different way of working. It offered a lifeline to people like me who couldn’t do a traditional 9-5 job. I could work when I want, when I could, around family commitments and my health.

I am passionate about helping people like me to be able to work around their commitments and personal circumstances.

Over the last few years I've been looking for ways to not only supplement the household income but also for ways that would allow me to enjoy life, travel the world and live how I choose to. To have choices again that weren’t reliant on money or lack of it.

Like many, I tried various things which resulted in varying degrees of success (or not, as the case may be). And I was beginning to think that I'd never find that one thing that suited my values, my ethos and the ability to change /help peoples lives change for the better.

The opportunity that stood out the most to me is the Forex Market and the Company that resonated with me is CashFX or CFX.

In a very short time, by just purchasing the minimum value pack, I have seen the potential of this passive income. I am happy to share my personal figures with you. Just arrange to have a chat.

The Opportunity with CashFX (CFX)

At this time of unprecedented worry and anxiety, driven by a single virus baffling the brightest minds in science. There are lessons that we can take from this global pandemic.

We are all equal, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation, or social status. It is reminding us that we're all connected, and something that affects one person affects another. It is also reminding us just how important family and home are and how providing for those we love is of critical importance, especially in times of crisis and how difficult or even impossible that can become under certain circumstances.

The world we know is going to change. There's no escaping that fact, one thing still in your control, is what you do with your time.

There's a tiny percentage of people that are completely free of debt, not beholden to anyone. And as incredible as that may sound, anyone can accomplish a similar degree of this success, with proper guidance you can attain the same freedom, and the same peace of mind, to enjoy family and friends, regardless of what may be happening in the world around you, while real financial security is available to every one, it doesn’t happen on its own, and it's not easy, but it is absolutely possible.

To learn what steps you can take today, and to make sure that you number amongst those that are financially free, book a chat with Sush today.
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The Company

The CashFX group or CFX for short, is a platform for those interested in success in the Forex marketplace, without any previous experience.

The platform touches, two very significant trends. The first is e-learning or online learning, which is projected to be a $325 billion market by the year 2025. This industry has seen significant growth between 2001 to 2017, and perhaps most importantly, the student statistically requires 40 to 60% less learning time than in a classroom environment.

The other industry is the Global Forex Market. In comparison to other markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Equities Market or the Futures Market, the Forex Market stands out because of its immensity and its sheer number of participants globally.

It's the largest, most liquid financial market in the world with a daily traded average volume in excess of $5 trillion, it's historically proven to be recession proof, has a great deal of flexibility with risk management and participants are able to leverage their capital and compound gains to maximise profits. This is a five days per week 24 hours a day market.

A few key specifics about the CashFX Group at the core of the company is a goal, to offer transparency, both in the short term and the long term to all members using the platform...

The Company (continued) 

Purpose of the CFX platform is to bring the possibility of Forex success to its global membership, through its proprietary technology and automation. So those interested in profiting the Forex Market can do so without the burden of having to learn how to trade themselves. The positioning of the platform includes CFX Academy, so members interested in learning the specific skills to drive success in the Global Forex Market may develop and hone their skills using the CFX Academy. CFX is comprised of teams of professionals in the Forex trading space, and in other financial markets, as well as technicians and engineers that develop their product line in-house. The team also includes technical staff that build out and maintain the platform, technical and educational staff that build out and maintain the academy, and all the graphics teams and support staff that the members rely on.

At the centre of the executive team are the two founders, CFX CEO Huascar Lopez, has significant experience as an entrepreneur and multi business owner, as well as very significant success within the cryptocurrencies market and the home based business or network marketing market. Edwin Abad is the VP of Trading Operations and his long standing passion for Forex Trading positions him well, to lead the trading team and the engineering team that design, develop and manage all the CFX products. Corporate Headquarters are in Panama City, Panama, the entire 10,000 square foot ninth floor of the RBS Tower was purchased by CFX, to house and run daily operations. There's also an open door policy in this facility for any member or prospective member looking to meet the corporate staff and tour their facilities.

The most significant, and talked about success of CFX would be their trading success. This success is achieved through a combination of live professional traders and engineers developing proprietary algorithms, these algorithms are commonly referred to as EAs or Expert Advisors within the Forex space, the EA that is currently servicing all CFX members globally, was operational and running successfully for months before the company started making available for individual use. Because the CFX team develops their own EAs and all the engineers are on staff, they are able to constantly monitor and adjust EA performance, creating the best possible opportunities for member profits. Web TV is built into the member back office, and it's the ideal window for members to watch and share CFX technology at work.

In addition to being able to share your web TV from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, members also have access to an extensive list of other marketing tools, CFX also has short educational videos regarding the automated Forex platform, as well as a standalone marketing product, ideal for those wishing to share results, or other details about the project, and Facebook, YouTube or other social media platforms.

Think of the CFX Academy as an online university, and the curriculum is broken into three different series, and separate modules are within each of those series, the Elemental Series is designed to introduce you to the world of Forex and help you become familiar with the most basic elements terminologies and concepts. The Advanced Professional Series takes you further into the Forex Market, with more detailed concepts and techniques around the specifics of profiting within the Forex Market, and the Supreme Series curriculum focuses on Forex Mastery, understanding the psychology of effective long term trading success, as well as mindset behaviours to help you continue performing well. So the choice will be yours. Whether you want to allow the CFX technology to do most or all of the work for you, or whether you develop an affinity towards the Forex Market and really want to learn the skills yourself. It's entirely up to you.

CFX Academy
Currently the way members access fully automated trading success is through the CFX trading packs the Elemental Series is made up of five different trading packs see below, starting at $300 all the way down to $3,000. If you notice the text on the right hand side of each one of these packs, they're all made up of 30% of the value of each pack being dedicated to opening that section of the online university or the CFX Academy balance or 70% of the value of each pack is trade capital that's going to work for you. You will notice also there's leadership points attached to each package
Trading Packs Elemental Series
The Advanced Series (see below) of trading packs starts at $5,000 and moves all the way down to $20,000 and you'll notice exactly the same mathematics 30% of the value of each pack unlocks that section of the CFX Academy and the balance, the 70% is trading capital that's going to work for you.
Trading Packs Advanced Series
And then finally, the Supreme Series is also made up of five trading pack levels from $30,000 all the way down to $100,000 with the same formula in place with 30% of the value of each trading pack earmarked to unlock the academy in the balance 70% being deposited for you into the trading pool.
Trading Packs Supreme Series
And it's that 70% trade capital that the company's technology and trading team, put to work on your behalf, while trading results in the Forex Market always vary depending on market conditions and various other circumstances, you will see your Monday to Friday, trading results posted in your own back office that you can access from your phone or tablet, or laptop. CFX caps your trading gains at a maximum of 15% per week, and the company refers to this type of automated trading gain as Bear Capital.

You can access the same CFX trading platform by purchasing any one of 15 trade packages. The trade packages, enable you to benefit daily from the CFX trading technology through your daily trading gains, you are able to earn up to two times the value of any trade package you choose, these gains are called Bear Capital.

You can start at any one of the trade packages, regardless of where you choose to begin, 72 hours after you've selected and purchased your trade package, you will begin to see trading gains accumulate in your back office, Your trade package can grow up to 200% of the value of that package. So for example, a 1k trade package purchase can return $2,000 to the owner. Once 200% growth has been reached. The trade package owner has three options:

Option 1: they can pay a withdrawal fee and take all of their gains, out of the system, and leave the CFX platform.

Option 2 : They can withdraw their gains and re-buy another 1k trade package.

Option 3 : Prior to reaching the full 200% trading game on their 1k package. They may choose to take a portion of the gains and upgrade to the next trade package in the ladder, this third option allows the trade package owner to steadily move through the trade package ladder, until they ultimately reach the 100k trade package. Of course as the trade package owner moves to larger and larger trade packages, more trade capital is being traded for them. Therefore their daily trading gains continue to grow.

There are many other ways you can earn with the CFX platform.

Bull capital is accessed by referring, at least one person to the CFX platform. This action unlocks several bonuses.
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